• The Queen's Pirates by Derek Parker

The Queen's Pirates by Derek Parker

Double Take Two sides One story This is the story of two men and their Queen. For them, she represents England, their beloved country, and it is for her that they claim lands and riches from all over the known, and unknown, world. When Protestant England is under threat from Catholic Spain, both men must act to defend her... Sir Francis Drake From lowly origins in the south-west of England, Drake makes his name in the courts of Queen Elizabeth as a pirate and adventurer. His round-the-world voyage makes him the sovereign's favourite, but will defeating the Spanish Armada be a challenge too far? Sir Walter Ralegh Handsome, proud and beloved by his queen, Ralegh is frustrated by Elizabeth's refusal to let him leave England's shores. He is forced to stand and watch as Drake and others face the Armada, but as the battle ensues, he is determined to serve his Queen and country... There are always two sides to every story...
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